SOLITARE: You play like with any other computer except you use the pointer thing as your mouse. If you want to send a card up to the ACE pile (upper right hand corner) without dragging the card you can "double click" with pointer just by tapping it twice quickley. If you make a move that you did not want to you can go back by clicking the circular arrow in the lower left hand corner. If you want to start a new game you go to the options buttong and click "NEW."

JAWBREAKER: The object of the game is to get as many of the jawbreakers do dissapear at once. Once you get two that are connected you can "double click" (double tap with the pointer) and they will dissapear. But, to get the most points possible you want to clear as manny jawbreakers as you can at once. (Tip: try to arrange large groups of connecting jawbreakers before clearing them). 3/17/06

How to Send a Message*:
1. Tap on Messaging on the home screen of your pc
2. when the e-mail screen comes up, tap menu
3. tap switch accounts and click on your e-mail account to send a message
4. tap new
5. enter the email address of the person your sending it to
6. type your message in the message text box
7. finally, tap send

*Note: The message will not be sent to the person unless you are connected to the internet. If you aren?t connected your message will be saved in the out-box until the next time you connect to the internet.

Pocket Word:
You can access Word in two ways. If you want to open a document previously worked on, you must go to Start and then Programs and then click on Word. There will be a "My Documents" screen that list all your saved documents. Click on the one you want and start typing. If you want to open a blank document, you can go to New and then click on Word. A blank Word document will appear and just start typing whichever method you choose. Word will automatically save your document to the "My Documents" folder when you exit the program. It is the same as normal Word except it has less features.

Pocket Excel:
You access Excel by going to Start then Programs and then Excel. Your previous Excel documents will pop up and you simply click on one and start working on it. To open a new Excel document, you go to New and then Excel. Like in Word, the documents will automatically save. It is primarily the same as normal Excel except it also has less features.