What is Poetry? Well here is a good link that answers that very question.
The Answer

Key Elements of Poetry
10 Key Elements of Poetry


Some funny limericks (my favorite kind of poetry)

Here's a few limericks of my own:
There once was a girl named Michelle
That tripped on something and fell
It was her shoe,
What should she do?
Of this little fall she wouldn't tell.

King Max had his royalty debut.
His kingship was very new.
He had lotsamoney
But wasn't too funny
Perhaps 'cause he was a Jew.

The teacher whose name was Brandi
Her classes weren't modus operandi.
We had fun,
But now we are done.
So go to the beach and get sandy.

Limericks are fun to write;
I could write them day and night.
The points were needed,
And I succeded,
But sometimes the rhyming is hard.