To Mrs. C's Seniors,

My classes and I have been monitoring your teacher's blog for awhile. Next year, I would like to do a modified version of her blog for my students. However, I did not want to start something that I couldn't finish.


My current 8th graders have been subjected to a few (slightly modified) tasks that Mrs. C. assigned to you. We used her Fib blog inconjunction with our poetry unit (they are not too different from a Haikus). We then took our fibs to the computer lab and practiced using technology to enhance our poems.

This Powerpoint was made by a few of my students who "struggle" with English. Since the Wiki would only allow 5 MB, we have had to edit the presentation! Originally, each line of the fib was its own unique slide with transitions and music. We used great music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail that we had to leave off due to space!knight.JPG

We learned more about editing, working as a group, compressing files, and e-mailing just trying to send this to you! If you looked at this explaination earlier, you can see that it has gone through several revisions. Each class has had the chance to add and edit this letter.

When the i-pod video comes on, I recommend that you stop the video when the guy falls'll see!

Good luck with your futures!
Amanda Roberts and classes