The Letters:
Letter 1: Walton writes to his sister to exclaim his excitement over the projected voyage and its success.
Letter 2: Walton writes about his lonliness on the ship and how he has a hard time making freinds with his shipmates because his education is greater than their comprehension
Letter 3: Short letter on Walton's confidence in his voyage and its success.
Letter 4: The letter begins in a tone of distress as he explains his dilema of being stuck in the ice caps. He tells on how the night before he and his crew spotted a man of great size far in the distance with a sleigh. The next morning they came upon a man, different from the night before, who is near death. They take him in and after two days of recovery and care by Walton, the man opens up and begins his tale on why he was stranded on the ice caps. There Waltons letter cuts off and begins Chapter one of Frankenstein.

Personal Commentary:
The letters are a good way to open the book but it can get confusing. The constant use of elaborate language can take away from the story. If we werent informed that the narration shifts from the letterr, from Walton to his sister to a first hand narration by Frankenstein we may have been confused. But they can get so descriscriptive that it is hard to continue, "Its productions and features may be without example, as the phenomena of the heavenly bodies undoubtedly are in those undiscovered solitudes" (Shelley 1).

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