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here's a link on what a dystopian novel is...

a link to a list of dystopian novels

a whole site regarding dystopia including quite a few articles

Utopia, Dystopia, and Myopia in the Late-19th Century

essays written by George Orwell (if you go back to the main site, there is other information regarding dystopia)

an interesting but radical site

analyzing Brave New World and other articles

some information and ideas for The Handmaid's Tale

Good Info on The Handmaid's Tale includes a summary, genre, key words, and a commentary.

Full text of George Orwell's 1984:

Wikipedia article on 1984:

Good in depth summary of the Handmaid's tale and did you know that Atwood finished the book she was a visiting professor at the University of Alabama:
The Handmaid's Tale

Since, A Handmaid's Tale is considered a somewhat feminist book, here is Wikipeida's definition of Feminism.

Here is another great Link about The Handmaid's Tale it includes a summary, commentary and a glossary of all
the terms.

Anything and Everything about Brave New World:
This is a good Website for The Handmaid's Tale Themes:
Handmaid's Tale Themes

Here is Wikipedia's page on The Handmaids Tale
Wikipedia's Definition of Handmaid's Tale

Information about Margaret Atwood:
Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid's Tale Summary and Commentary:
Summary and Commentaries