The space is for Activesync, Bluetooth, and connectivity issues.

How to Beam a Word Document:
Katie and Gigi
How To Beam a Document
1. Type your Document in Word
Sidenote - make sure your internet is disabled on both your PC and your receivers
2. Go to Tools on the Word Document
a. File
b. Beam Document…
3. Align your power button 2 inches away from your receivers
_O -> O_l
the O's are the power buttons!!
4. After pressing Beam Document… with stylus - the PC should be able to find the receiving PC and beam automatically.


To turn Bluetooth on, select the blue oval icon on the bottom right screen, and select Turn Bluetooth On.

To connect with another Bluetooth device, select the Bluetooth icon and press Bluetooth settings. On the bottom left press the new button. This brings up several ways of connecting with another Bluetooth device. To explore a device, select the first item. The screen then shows all of the devices in range.

Select the device you want to connect to and then follow the steps on screen to connect to the device.


Tap the keyboard icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Select Axim Wireless Keyboard. Choose Bluetooth. To be Continued.