Summary: Chapter 8

To get salvation, Justine confesses to the crime. The only to two people that she tells the truth to are Elizabeth and Victor, she tells them that she is innocent and depressed. Victor and Elizabeth believe Justine, and believe that she is innocent, but even though she is innocent, she is still executed. Victor takes the guilt for Justines death because it is the monster that he created, who actually performed the murder and it is his monster that causes the death of two of his family members.

Summary: Chapter 9

Victor has become really depressed after Justine's death and feels like he cannot go on. He actually considers comitting suicide but stops himself because he does not want to leave Elizabeth and his father, Alphonse. To take Victor's mind of Justine's death, Alpohnse, takes Victor and Elizabeth to their home in Belrive. The trip helps Victor's mood a little, the beautiful scenery takes his mind of the incident for a short amoung of time.

Themes of Chapters 8 and 9

1. Innocence- Justine confesses to the crime, but she is really innocent. The monster is innocent from the beginning, like a child and loses his innocence when he is "corrupted" by society. The idea of innocence can go to the theme of ignorance is bliss.
2. Grief- The cloak of secrecy has caused two deaths in Victors family.
3. Guilt- From Justine's execution Victor, is consumed with guilt because he knows that he created the monster.


These chapters contain very intricately designed detail. Victor is quite the character. Justine gets accused of murders that the monster committed. She didn't really commit these murders, she was just accused. Victor knew that the monster that he had created was the perpertrator of the murders, but he did not confess. He is a lying scumbag. Justine is executed for her crimes. Victor feels immense guilt, and he contemplates suicide. I cannot believe that Victor will be able to live his life with this secret. I think Victor is a bad man. He has no moral values, because he created the monster in the first place. He has no ethics.