Chapter Four:

After meeting Professor Waldman at Ingolstadt, Victor's interests in anatomy and physiology are greatly increased. Victor begins studying the intricacies of anatamoy with great zeal, and continues to ignore his social life and family back home in Geneva, Switzerland. After many years of hard and diligent work, he masters everything that his professors have taught him. By using this mastery of anatomy, Victor Frankenstein discovers the ulitmate secret: the secret of life. After discovering the secret of life, he secludes himself in his apartment to begin creating an animate creature .This creature, according to V. Frankenstein, will be the first of the species in a new race of beings. Devoting all of his time and energy to creating this new race of people, he disregards every other aspect of his life. By avoiding these other aspects, V. Frankenstein becomes increasingly ill, separated from society, and obsessed with completing his project. This obsesssion hurts not only himself physically and mentally, but also taints his relationship with his family.

Three Major Themes:
  • Seclusion from Society
  • Secret of Life
  • Scienctific Processes vs. Natural Creation

This chapter is the first time we begin to see why and how Victor Frankenstein creates the monster. This chapter informs the reader that the professors of Ingolstadt fueled Frakenstein's imagination and gave him the intellect to create the monster. Frankenstein uses this information to discover the secret of life and begins creating a monster. Moreover, this chapter tells the reader that Frankenstein is excluding himself from his family and society in order to create this new type of species. This seclusion from society is deterioating his social abilities and leading to physical and mental illness.

Chapter Five:

V. Frankenstein finishes the creation after months of diligent work, however; when he lays eyes on the awful beast it is horrifying and grotesque. Frankenstein escapes to the next room in his apartment and tries to sleep away his fears. During the sleep he has dreams about his mother's and Elizabeth's dead bodies. Frakenstein shocked by this awakens to find the monster leaning over his bed and staring at him with a witty smile. Scared to remain in his apartment, Frankenstein rushes out to the court yard to escape the monster. Frankenstein spends the rest of the night in a frantic state pacing around in his courtyard. When morning comes, Frankenstein takes a stroll through the town of Ingolstadt, delaying the inevitable return to his apartment. As he approaches the town inn, Victor bumps into his friend Henry Clerval, who has just arrived in Ingolstadt to begin his studies/education at the local university. Excited to see someone from back home in Geneva and a flashback to his family, Victor invites Herny back to his apartment. Victor enters timidly hoping to not encounter the monster and is relieved to find that the monster has left to reek havoc on the city. Drained of energy and full of fatigue, Frankenstein falls ill for severak months. After being nursed back to health by Clerval, Frankenstien receives word that Elizabeth has written him.

Three Major Themes:
  • Dreams vs. Reality
  • Fatigue
  • Work over family


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