Chapter 23

Summary- This chapter begins with the newly married Victor and Elizabeth enjoying a pleasant stroll on their honeymoon (what else would you do on your honeymoon?). Victor's thoughts dwell on the impending arrival of the monster and the forthcoming confrontation. Looking to protect his lovely wife he sends her off to bed (alone?) and searches for the monster. Upon hearing a hair-raising scream coming from his wife's quarters, Victor realizes that the monster was never looking to hurt him. Victor is devastated by his wife's murder, and his father dies shortly thereafter due to excessive grief. Victor tries to convince the community that a monster is behind the murder of Elizabeth, but is unsuccesful. He then devotes the rest of his life to finding and killing the monster.

Chapter 24

Summary- After having his life destroyed, Victor decides to leave Geneva and the painful memories that he has there. Victor tracks the monster for several months , but can only find small clues that the monster has purposley left for him. Victor angrily pursues the monster north where he meets Walton and this story begins.


In the aftermath of the monster's murder of his wife, Victor become steadily more and more depraved, intent on finding the monster in the months subsequent to this extremely influential chapter. The monster seems intent for a long time on leading Frankenstein to die in the snows, but later seems to wonder whether he should not end the chase with a final, deadly confrontation, in which he and Victor would battle to the death to finish the vendetta once and for all.


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