Chapter 21 Summary:
The people of the town take Victor Frankenstein to the town magistrate, after talking with him. They say that they saw a boat that looked like Victor's right before they found the body on the beach. A few witnesses testified against Victor as well. The body on the beach was actually Henry Clerval (hmm... it's a small world after all). The monster's dirty prints are all over Clerval's neck. The magistrate decides that if Victor shows some sort of visible reaction upon seeing the dead body, then he is culpable for the murder. After seeing the body, Victor gets ill and "falls into convulsions" for about two months. Even when he gets better, he is still in prison. The magistrate feels sympathy for Victor and visits him. And later, Victor's father comes to visit him as well. His father hears about Victor's illness and death of his friend, and comes to Geneva to visit. Victor is really glad to see his father. At the trial, they only show circumstantial evidence, but they find him innocent. Later, the two go to Geneva.

Chapter 22 Summary:
Victor stops with his dad inParis to recover from his convulsions. Before leaving after gaining back his strength he gets a letter in the mail from Elizabeth who is worrried about her fiance's illnesses. She also worries that he is cheating on her with another woman. Victor assures her that she is the only one for him. The letter reminds Victor that the monster has threatened to be with him on his wedding night, and plans to fight the monster if he attacks him in hopes that the situation will all be over. Victor arrives back in Geneva and begins planning the wedding. Although Elizabeth is still worried Victor says all will be fine once they are married and that he has a big secret to tell her on their wedding night (hmm...). With nerves Victor and Elizabeth finally get married and go to their family cottage for their honeymoon.

Three Major Themes
Dangerous Knowledge

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