Ch 19

Henry and Victor travel to Scotland. Victor stays with a friend while leaving Henry alone to work on his monster. He secretly works on the female frankenstein. He works and works and works. He labors all day and all night.

Ch 20

Victor Frankenstein works and looks up to see his monster smiling. He is grotesque and Frankenstein is absolutely disgusted. He throws the body of the woman monster away. The monster is very mad and tells Frankenstein he will ruin his wedding night. Frankenstein learns that Henry is murdered. He realizes that the monster has to die.


These chapters are very significant to the book. Chapter 19 is significant because he is good friends with Henry Clerval. It is illustrated that they are friends because they go to Scotland together, "From thence we proceeded to Oxford." Chapter 20 is also very important. It depicts just how much Frankenstein hates his monster. He thinks that it is hideous and realizes just how much the monster needs to die, especially after Henry is murdered by the monster.,pageNum-64.html