Summary Chapter 15
The Monster got books and clothes from the cottage and started to compare himself to the characters from Sorrow of Werter and Paradise Lost. He learned about countries, laws, and other stuff in the real world. He also found notes and a journal of his creator and read them about how much his creator hated him and was disguised with him. Because he feels so lonely and unloved he decides to show himself to his neighbors. He first talks to the blind man DeLacy who accepts him for who he is. Then the other three come in from their walk, Felix, Agatha, and Safie. They are horrified about the monster in their cottage and think he is hurting the old man. Felix drives the monster out of the cottage by hitting him and yelling.

Chapter 16 Summary
After the monster is rejected he plans to get his revenge on all humans. He journeys to the town of Geneva. While traveling to Geneva he spots a young girl and while he was watching her she slips and falls into a stream. She starts to drown and the monster goes to save her. The man that was with the girl thinks that the monster is trying to hurt her so the man shoots the monster. The monster then meets Victor Frankenstein’s brother, Alphonse, and the monster becomes outraged and strangles Victor’s brother to death.

Commentary of Chapter 15-16
These two chapters show that the monster actually has feelings. It shows that he can both love and hate people. The love is shown mostly in chapter 15. He is dying to see the people in the cottage. He even called the cottagers “my beloved” (115). He wanted to see his cottagers so badly, but when he finally did it led to disaster. In chapter 16 his hatred for certain people came out. He said that “thee feelings of kindness and gentleness which I had entertained but a few moments before gave place of hellish rage and gnashing of teeth.” (129). These two chapters basically showed how the monster experienced the human emotions of love and hatred.

  • Power of Nature: The monster finds comfort/solace in the4 forest as opposed to the Alps, which Victor prefers.
  • Outsider vs. Society: The Monster is rejected by the humans after tying to connect with them, they simply view him as a threat and respond with hatred towards him.
Loneliness: The monster desires a female companion because he is rejected by the human society. He desires love, but ultimately doesn’t get it.

The old Frankenstein
Mary Shelley

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