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Chapter 12 Summary:
In chapter 12, the monster observes that the family he has been watching for so long is not always happy. He doesn’t understand why, considering they are much more blessed than he could ever think to be. However, he soon comes to the realization that they are solemn due to their harsh state of poverty; and that this poverty partially has something to do with him stealing their crops. The monster’s heart is crushed because he did not mean to hurt the family. To make up for his harm, he gathers wood at night and leaves it on their doorstep for them to use the next day. The monster also begins to notice the family’s form of communication and he yearns to learn it. By matching their body language with their sounds he learns the names of the family members, Felix and Agatha. He loves to watch their beauty and is depressed at his appearance when he sees his reflection in a puddle. Throughout the rest of the winter, he ‘hibernates’ in a sense and his fondness towards the family begins to grow as he constantly thinks about them.

Chapter 13 Summary:

In chapter 13 the monster starts to realize a change in the weather. Spring is coming and fall is now gone. He had noticed that the family in the cottage had been unhappy for quite sometime and he did not know why since he did not speak their language. One day Felix’s mood lightened up along with the rest of the family because of this one person, the monster soon comes to know of the name Safie. She approached their cottage in a veil and a dark looking dress. Since she came they were all much happier. Safie along with the monster did not speak the cottagers language. As Safie learned the language of the DeLacey family the monster did as well. The monster started to learn many other basic things not just their speaking the language. As he starts to learn these things he begins to think about how he is different from them. He is alone and he feels lonely unlike the cottagers. He learns that they love each other because that is what family’s do. He questions who he is and why he does not have the love and interaction they do.

Chapter 14 Summary:

In chapter 14, the monster puts together the bits of facts and stories that he heard. He finally begins to understand what has happened to the cottagers in the past few years. The old man a well known, rich gentleman of Paris, France. Agatha and Felix were his children. The whole family was well thought of. It turns out that Safie's dad falsely was sentenced to death for something he didnot do. One day when Felix visited the Turk in prison he met Safie and fell in love with her. Felix decided to risked his life to help the Turk escape. Safie sent Felix letters thanking him for his intention to help her father and recounting the circumstances of her plight. She tells Felix that her mother was a Christian Arab who was captured and forced into slavery before meeting Safie's father. Safie learned to be a strong, smart, and brave woman, which is opposite of how Islam did not want Turkish women to be. Safie wanted to get out, see the world, and be free. So she escaped from near slavery in Turkey and went to Europe to look for a husband. Felix got Safie's father out of prison but got caught and his whole famly was exiled form France. They became poor and moved to a cottage in Germany. This is the cottage where the monster has been eavesdropping. Safie's father had tried to make her come back to Constantinople with him, but she escaped with some money and found out where her love, Felix, was.

Three Themes from Chapters 12-14:
  • Secrecy-There is secrecy on two levels in the novel. Victor keeps the monster a secret from society for a very long time and before the monster's creation, viewed science as a mystery that he could discover. The monster, on the other hand, has no choice but the be secretive. He cannot reveal himself to anyone because of his grotesque appearance.
  • Human Injustice- No one that comes in contact with the monster is willing to try to get to know him or even be in his presence for more than a few seconds before running in fear. Shelly portrays this theme in the novel by showing how unaccepting society is of outsiders. The monster longs for a companion, but is unable to recieve a warm welcome from his creator.
  • Monstrosity- Throughout the enire novel, the monster is viewed as hideous and unwanted by all. In these chapters, the monster tries to think of ways to make his monstrousness less obvious. He even goes so far as to try to reveal himself to a blind man to see if this will help him be accepted.

Chapters 12-14 Commentary

Mary Shelley knew what she was doing when she included these three chapters in this book. They help to build up the the climax by helping the reader get to know the monster. The fact that the monster is the narrator adds a very personal effect. The reader begins to relate to the monster as an almost normal person instead of a freak of nature. In these chapters the moster shows that he have emotions, intelligence, and seeks acceptance. This is when the reader begins to have some pity on him and begins to understand that he is not all bad. Through these chapters the reader is able to better understand and relate to the monster.

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