Summary: Chapter 10

On a rainy day, Victor wakes to find his old feelings of sadness coming out again. He decides to travel to the top of Montanvery, hoping that beautiful natural scene will revive his spirits. When he reaches the glacier at the top, he is momentarily consoled by the view. As he crosses to the opposite side of the glacier, however, he spots a creature coming toward him at incredible speed. As he gets closer, he recognizes clearly the grotesque shape of the monster. He threatens to attack the monster, whose enormous strength and speed allow him to elude Victor easily. Victor curses him and tells him to go away, but the monster, speaking eloquently, persuades him to accompany him to a fire in a cave of ice. Inside the cave, the monster tells him the story of his life.

Summary: Chapter 11

In this chapter, the monster and Victor have a conversation. The monster tells that he is very confused. He doesn’t understand why he was created. The monster tells about when he ran away from Victor’s apartment after the was created. He tells how he eventually discovered light, dark, hunger, thirst, and cold senses. He said that one day he found fire and was cold. He liked the warmth and wanted to harness it. He tried to touch the fire and burnt himself and thought about what he had learned. He learned how to keep the fire alive by adding wood. He studied the fire and realized he could make more food by cooking it over the fire. When the monster became hungry he went to the village to find something to eat. He went into a hut. Upon entering he scared a man into running away. The more places he went, the more people ran away. As a result of these incidents, he resolves to stay away from humans. He stays in a small hovel next to a cottage. He realizes that he can see the people living next to him in the cottage and studies the people.

Three Themes of the Chapters

1) Sublime nature
2) Evolution of the monster mentally
3) Rejection from society


It makes the readers question if the monster really does have human feelings because he seems so detached when he kills Justine. He doesn’t seem to care about killing It shows more emotion from Victor. It shows how his life is getting worse and worse. He again is telling the persistent monster to leave him alone. The monster will never leave Victor alone and will always haunt him even when the monster is not present.