Chapters 1-3

In Chapter 1 Victor Frankenstein, the main character, begins telling us about his life, early childhood, and family. He describes his new sister Elizabeth and how his mother adopted her from a poor family. He also tells us that his mom has planned for them to marry later in life. In Chapter 2 we learn about Victor's friendship with Elizabeth and his best friend Henry Clerval. We learn that as a teenager, Victor becomes interested in the natural world. He notices lightning strike a tree and becomes inspired to study more into science. In Chapter 3 Victor leaves for Geneva to attend the university of Ingolstadt. Before he leaves his mom gets sick and dies and he has to help take care of her. Before his mom dies she says again that she wishes for Victor and Elizabeth to marry one day. When Victor gets to the university he attends a professor's lecture that influences to pursue his study in the sciences.

1. Dangerous Knowledge
2. Family
3. Light and Fire

These three chapters help explain who Victor Frankestein is and why he is the way he is by learing about his childhood and his family. We learn how he first becomes interested in the natural world and the sciences by his experience with the thunderstorm and through the various professors and scientists he meets and reads about.

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